Saturday, November 3, 2012

30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge

This year for my November exercise in gratitude, I've opted for a photo challenge from Positively Present.  I happened across this type of challenge from my S-I-L Alicia and thought it would be a fun twist on my Thankful posts from last year!  We've had a pretty amazing year filled with lots of exciting things (upcoming baby, new house, new job for Chris, 2 MBA's, awesome family and name a few) and I'm looking forward to reflecting on them over the next month.    

Gratitude Challenge 2012

I'll be posting the photos here and on instagram (sonyakimmet) using the hashtag #Gratitude30.

Feel free to join us!

Day 1: Words- I keep this quote in my office and love it.  So much of who we are is what we decide we can (and cannot) do.

Day 2: Technology- My first thought was my iphone, that thing barely leaves my hands all day!  But then I thought of our pending arrival and that we've been able to see our baby twice already due to the ultrasounds, truly amazing!  Because of these ultrasounds, we know that everything is progressing normally and our baby is healthy.

Day 3: Nature- This photo is from a few weeks ago, when the leaves were really gorgeous here.  I was in a hospital parking lot, hence the industrial looking light poles but I really wanted to capture the beautiful yellows and oranges of the trees.  Now, most of the leaves have fallen and are getting swept away.

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