Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rain, Rain, Wind and more Rain (and meal planning)

The theme of our weekend was rain, thanks to Hurricane Sandy.  I think we have a few more days of wind and rain ahead of us but as of right now, we are not in the direct line of the storm.  Chris did stock us up on canned goods and water, just in case we loose power.  Our neighborhood is filled with old trees so if it gets windy, we may end up with downed trees and power lines.

Needless to say, Max and Lila have been doing a lot of this:

Rainy Day Lila
Rainy Day Max

All this cold, rainy weather makes me want soup so that will be on the menu for the week.  I'm hesitant to go grocery shopping just in case we loose power and I don't want a fridge/freezer full of food to worry about so I'll be using what we have on hand for this week's meals:

Monday-Beef and Black Bean Taco Salads
Tuesday-Pumpkin soup and grilled cheese
Wednesday-Roasted Chicken (remember when we bought two chicken's at a family reunion auction?  They are ready for dinner!) and butternut squash
Thursday-Not sure yet
Friday-Homemade Pizzas (kale and roasted chicken maybe?)

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