Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Weekend (and Week 23)

Over the weekend, my first Ohio University friend and later roommate got married!  Yes, Jen and I met on the first day of Freshman year in Mod 3B of Martzolff House and we shared an apartment with Brandon and Jim our Junior and Senior years.  We walked to many a parties together, watched musicals on our southwest themed sofa and made late night runs to Dairy Queen for ice cr  My OU experience, which I loved, wouldn't have been the same without this girl and I'm so blessed to still call her one of my dearest friends. I was so honored to be a part of her and Josh's very special day.

I couldn't find any photos of our time together at OU but here are a few from after graduation:

Chris and Jen, Drinking $1 beers before a Reds Game,
Leave 2007
Jen and Sonya, Labor Day 2007
Kelly, Sonya and Jen-Halloween 2007 in Columbus
A few weeks ago, I made the 5+ hour drive to Cincinnati for her bachelorette party.  What a great time!  Over the years, I've gotten to know Jen's friends as well so I really enjoyed catching up with the bridal party.  We stayed in downtown Cinci and Brandon (the Man of Honor and another one of my college roommates) planned a very fun photo/video scavenger hunt that had us running and laughing all over downtown.  I even managed to stay out with the group until about 1pm and didn't make it to sleep until well after 3am....not too bad for being 5 months pregnant!

Jen and I, at the start of the Bachelorette Party,
I've got my "mocktail" in hand!
Angie, me, Carissa and Tracey checking off one of our
scavenger items: a photo with a horse
Jen met her fiance in high school through mutual friends and even though they weren't dating during the start of our time at OU, I remember her saying she was going to marry Josh some day.  I guess that day was October 12, 2012.  Jen and her mom did an amazing job planning a "Cincinnati" themed wedding and everyone was more than gracious to us out-of-towners.  The evening ceremony was beautiful and the reception full of joy and dancing (gotta love a live band!)  I did a terrible job with photos but here are a few I did manage to snap at her fun, fun reception!

The bride, this photo does NOT do her justice,
she was stunning in her gown!
Chris and I at the reception
Here are a few photos of my bridesmaid dress and hair from the wedding.  I was fitted and ordered the dress BEFORE I was pregnant and anyone that has bought a bridesmaid dress knows that once you place the order, there is no going back.  Thankfully, Jen chose a style that had an empire waist and I found a really good tailor to make a few alterations for me.  There was no way I was getting into my pre-pregnancy size at almost 6 months pregnant.
Week 23 Baby Bump
Loved my hair, the stylist did an amazing job!
All in all, we had a great weekend in Cinci and I was so thrilled to be a part of Jen and Josh's wedding day.  Here's to many, many years of blessings and happiness for the newly married couple.  I'm excited to see what life brings in the next phase of your life together.  And many, many more years of friendship with my dear friend.

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