Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Henry-isms (17 months old)

So let's just move past the fact that my last post was 6 months ago...and on to cute baby stories.  Henry's verbal communication is improving every day and I thought I'd share some of his recent "Henry-isms":

Henry can now stay "shoes" and will bring me one of our shoes while saying the word.  And if he brings you a shoe, you MUST hold it.  I learned this lesson while trying to make breakfast and holding two running shoes this morning.

We are trying to teach him "hot" and now everything that we don't want him to have is "hot".  The grill, the stove, the toaster oven, Daddy's coffee cup, iPhones

While getting ready for bed, Henry brought me his Bubbles, Bubbles book while saying "bubbles".  He also will make the sign for eat when I'm reading a story and we come across the word (we use limited sign-language with him to encourage communication).

Chris and I are frequently telling Max and Lila "No Barking" (they are fierce guard dogs and take their job very seriously:) ).  We were upstairs and Lila started barking so Chris said "Lila, no barking" out the open window.  She started barking again and Henry ran over to the window and started yelling outside.