Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween 2008

This weekend Chris and I had two Halloween parties to attend on Saturday night. We decided on our costumes about a month ago when driving back from Ohio but had been trying to keep in a secret….Chris did better job at it than I did! Our costumes had nothing to do with an affiliation with any political party. Chris's line for the night was "A vote for McCain is a vote for America". So here we are as John McCain and Sarah Palin! Our friend Caitlin bought Max’s costume and we think he was adorable! Our friend Grant was a great Indiana Jones. All in all, a great halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Festival

Last night Chris, Max and I attended a Fall Festival held at a local farm for the Army families that he works with. They also sponsored a chili and dessert cook-off. My tiramisu came in second place (first place was an awesome pumpkin cheese cake).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Official Marathon Training Day 1

Here we go again…marathon training! Last evening Kaitlin and I did our first official four miles of training. It was a slow four miles and almost getting bit by a dog did not make it any better. A pit bull literally jumped his fence and started to chase us. Hopefully day two goes better!
Also, CONGRATS to my Mom and her friend Sandy for walking the Columbus ½ Marathon on Saturday! I’m so proud of you!



For those of you who haven’t heard of any of Max’s antics lately he is still a puppy and very inquisitive! When we took him home last, my Mom gave him a red stuffed dog to play with. Now the stuffing has been completely ripped out and is all over our apartment!

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

My reason for visiting Ohio this week was….weddings and because of this Chris stayed home with Max and I flew to Ohio by myself! On Saturday I went to the wedding of a college friend, Amy and her new husband Scott. The reception was held in Confluence Park in Columbus with a gorgeous view of the Ohio River and the city skyline. Even though I didn’t know anyone but the bride and groom I made some friends (surprise, surprise) and had a really nice time. I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of their wedding day. Sunday was Danielle’s Bridal Tea hosted by her family. It was so fun to be there and a part of everything. We introduced several people to tea for the first time and I think everyone enjoyed it!

FRG (Family Readiness Group) Coffee

Last Tuesday Ellie (Chris’ Commanding Officer’s wife) and I hosted our first Coffee event. A Coffee is an FRG Officer’s wives function that is held once a month to touch base with each other and spend time together. It is purely a social thing and though there is a little “official” business it is mainly just a chance to hang out and eat dinner together. Since our event was held in October our theme was “Fall Harvest”. Ellie made a great broccoli cheese soup, ramen noodle salad and pecan pie. I made chili, pumpkin bread, homemade whipped cream and apple pie. We had a great turn out and everyone had fun! One negative thing did happen during the event….at some point I lost my military ID so now I have to get Chris to take me on base to get another one.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


This morning Chris and I both took the GMAT. For those who are not familiar with it, the GMAT is a test that rates business school applicants. And yes, both Chris and I are applying for graduate school to earn our Masters of Business Administration (MBA). The range of scores for the GMAT is from 200 to 800 with most people scoring 400-600. The test contains two essays, 75 minute 37 question quantitative (math) section and 75 minute 41 question verbal section. At $250 per test fee, the test isn’t something to be taken lightly! Chris has been studying for a couple of months because he is looking to attend B-School in the fall of 2009 (if everything goes according to plan). I just decided to go back to school and take the GMAT a month ago. We both have been trying to cram in as much studying as possible and you should see the state of our apartment…it needs some attention! The power going on out on Thursday night didn’t help matters but that is another blog posting! Luckily the studying paid off; my unofficial test score was 530 and Chris’s was 720! It looks like I’ll be attending ECU in January and Chris will have his pick of grad schools when he is ready to go!

Back to Ohio

Last weekend Chris, Max and I drove back to Ohio to visit Zak (Chris’ best friend) while he was home from Iraq on his 18 day leave. We left Fayetteville on Friday after work and pulled into Tim and Danielle’s at 2am. It was Max’s first long car trip and he did great! We put him in his kennel in the back seat of the Jetta and he rode home comfortably without so much as a whine. On Saturday morning we got together with some family for breakfast at First Watch (mmmm….pumpkin pancakes) and then went our separate ways. Chris and Zak went to the Shoe to watch Ohio State beat Minnesota and my mom and I went to Easton to track down the perfect lamps for her living room. Of course, there were a few other purchases as well. On Saturday night we got the chance to catch up with both of our families and hang out with some of Chris’ friends from college at Bubbys and Sonny Jacks. It’s always fun to spend time at the local watering hole with friends. On Sunday we spent more time with family, had dinner with family and checked out Kevin’s new building. Monday was GMAT studying for me while Chris went to the golf course and driving back to Columbus so we would have a shorter drive back to Fayetteville on Tuesday. Driving back to Fayetteville included a couple of stops on Tuesday, one in Athens, OH and then twice to track down the elusive Mt. Dew Slurpee that Chris was craving from Seven Eleven.

Look, the big dog is scared of the little dog!
Chris and I at Sonny Jacks
WSU Group Photo
Zak and Chris at the OSU game