Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween 2008

This weekend Chris and I had two Halloween parties to attend on Saturday night. We decided on our costumes about a month ago when driving back from Ohio but had been trying to keep in a secret….Chris did better job at it than I did! Our costumes had nothing to do with an affiliation with any political party. Chris's line for the night was "A vote for McCain is a vote for America". So here we are as John McCain and Sarah Palin! Our friend Caitlin bought Max’s costume and we think he was adorable! Our friend Grant was a great Indiana Jones. All in all, a great halloween!


Anonymous said...

Love the costumes... Sandy

Anonymous said...

The costumes are great. I think Max should have won something!!!

Sonya said...

Chris and I won best couples costume at one of the parties we attended. But Max didn't come out with any prizes!