Saturday, October 4, 2008


This morning Chris and I both took the GMAT. For those who are not familiar with it, the GMAT is a test that rates business school applicants. And yes, both Chris and I are applying for graduate school to earn our Masters of Business Administration (MBA). The range of scores for the GMAT is from 200 to 800 with most people scoring 400-600. The test contains two essays, 75 minute 37 question quantitative (math) section and 75 minute 41 question verbal section. At $250 per test fee, the test isn’t something to be taken lightly! Chris has been studying for a couple of months because he is looking to attend B-School in the fall of 2009 (if everything goes according to plan). I just decided to go back to school and take the GMAT a month ago. We both have been trying to cram in as much studying as possible and you should see the state of our apartment…it needs some attention! The power going on out on Thursday night didn’t help matters but that is another blog posting! Luckily the studying paid off; my unofficial test score was 530 and Chris’s was 720! It looks like I’ll be attending ECU in January and Chris will have his pick of grad schools when he is ready to go!

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