Monday, April 27, 2009

Last fun weekend before deployment

Chris and I spent the weekend in historic Charleston, SC with a few friends before their deployment. On Friday night we had dinner at 39 Rue de Jean, our favorite restaurant in Charleston with Grant and Ben (both deploying with Chris) before meeting up with Bob and Bridget for the weekend. All three of the guys ordered the special, roast quail, and I ordered the salmon. No one was disappointed with our dinners, all were great! Once we picked up Bob and Bridget, we headed to Tommy Condon's for some Irish music and drinks.

We started Saturday with a walk through the outdoor market and then to Ft. Sumpter,where the Civil War started. We really enjoyed the tour and I learned a lot about the Civil War and Charleston's role in it. Chris seemed to be well versed in history of the Fort from his ROTC days. Then we had lunch, spent some time walking around the city and shopping. We spent the evening checking out a few local bars and found one with a live blues-type singer. Enjoy the photos of our trip!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ohio Visit

Chris and I spent most of his pre-deployment leave in Ohio with family, going to a wedding in PA and looking for a house. Here are a few photos of our trip!

We bought a house!

Currently, Chris and I are in the process of finalizing the purchase of our first home! Our offer was accepted (after a couple of rounds of negotiating) and we’ve had the house inspected. The next step is negotiating repairs. We are closing on May 1st before Chris leaves for Afghanistan.
Our new house is located in Berwick, a neighborhood just south of Bexley in southeast Columbus. We will be able to walk to Capital University and Chris will have a 15 minute drive to OSU. Here are a few photos from the MLS listing, enjoy!