Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun Family Weekend

Last weekend was pretty crazy here! It started with a trip to the vet for Max and I at 5pm and Chris working late on Friday. Max’s official weight was 2.5 lbs. We were at the vet for a checkup and everything looked good! Everyone on the vet staff wanted to hold him because he’s so small and cute (not that I can blame them). When we got back to the apartment my Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma were here from Ohio for a weekend visit. We had a great time hanging out with them and catching up. We went on base to check out the 82nd Airborne Museum, see where Chris works, the Buy and Bragg (cute little craft shop on base), went to church, checked out the Cape Fear Botanical Garden and of course, ate some great food! After they left on Monday, they drove to Georgia to see a friend of my grandparents and then spent some time in beautiful Savannah being going back to Ohio.

Max certainly enjoyed having a few extra sets of toes around to chew one while they were here!

My Mom wanted to show Max's size in comparison to a shoe
This is a hat that used to belong to my Aunt Agnes, I was wearing it at Christmas so they decided it now is mine.
Chris giving my Mom a ride to dinner on his Harley
Dad and Grandpa checking out the Tanks at the 82nd Airborne Museum
Grandma playing with Max

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cookie of the Day Recipe

I was checking out the Martha Stewart website and found something awesome to share…you can sign up to receive a “Cookie of the Day” (you have to register for this) or just check out this link when you are looking for a new cookie to try:

There is also a “Craft of the Day” and “Organizing Tip of the Day” on the homepage.

Mischievous Max!

Yesterday while C and I were at work Max managed to spring from the kennel….not good! I was home at lunch time play with him and take him outside and I am sure that I locked the door on the kennel but when C got home at 5pm he found “evidence” as soon as he walked into the apartment. After a little searching and calling, he found Max who was napping on a blanket behind the couch. I guess we’ll never know what happened but if he does it again, we will have to take extra precautions when kenneling him.

Friday, July 11, 2008

More Max!

Just thought I would post some more pictures of Max. Chris and I are taking him to the vet for his first check up today and he will probably get the second set of shots as well. Everyone seems to be adjusting well and having fun. He loves to play for about 45 minutes and is then ready for a nap. He is an early riser because he hears Chris get ready for work at 4:45am!

Max and I playing on the floor.
Max in his halter, which is too big even though we bought the smallest size
Max tugging on clothes, one of his favorite (but not encouraged) games.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hi, I'm Max!

Hi! My name is Maximus but you can call me Max. I just met my new Mommy and Daddy today and so far we have had a great time! It was sad to leave my home in Dunn, North Carolina but all my other brothers and sisters were going to new homes as well. I’m a Mini Dachshund by breed and am uniquely colored because I’m all black and smooth. At seven weeks old, I like to chew on my new chew toys, play and especially nap. I’m about a long as my new Daddy’s foot and I weigh three pounds right now but I will get bigger, about 8-11 pounds! I can’t wait to meet all my new family and friends. My Mommy and Daddy can’t wait until I’m potty trained…luckily I’m a smart breed and will pick it up quickly.
Doggie kisses,
Here I am with my favorite new chew toy!
I'm so small that my head fits in the dog food dish!
Here I am with Daddy doing my favorite activity, napping!

4th of July

Chris and John discussing Bocce Ball strategy
Lea with Chole
Rob, Grant and Lea going fishing
Lea, the Master Marshmallow Roaster

Chris and I

This year for Independence Day Chris and I decided to have a get together for some of our friends with our neighbor Lea. Lea was house sitting with someone that she works with so we were able to use their very nice property with a pool, lake, yard and fire pit for our festivities. We kicked off the party around 2pm and managed to do just about everything that you could image for a 4th of July party! We started with Lawn Olympics (Cornhole, Ladderball, Bocce and Croquet), then we grilled burgers and chicken, went fishing on the lake, watched fireworks, went swimming and finished the night off with a bonfire complete with s’mores! Chris even got to practice his putting because the homeowner has a little putting green! We had a great 4th and really enjoyed spending time relaxing with friends.