Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back to Ohio

Last weekend Chris, Max and I drove back to Ohio to visit Zak (Chris’ best friend) while he was home from Iraq on his 18 day leave. We left Fayetteville on Friday after work and pulled into Tim and Danielle’s at 2am. It was Max’s first long car trip and he did great! We put him in his kennel in the back seat of the Jetta and he rode home comfortably without so much as a whine. On Saturday morning we got together with some family for breakfast at First Watch (mmmm….pumpkin pancakes) and then went our separate ways. Chris and Zak went to the Shoe to watch Ohio State beat Minnesota and my mom and I went to Easton to track down the perfect lamps for her living room. Of course, there were a few other purchases as well. On Saturday night we got the chance to catch up with both of our families and hang out with some of Chris’ friends from college at Bubbys and Sonny Jacks. It’s always fun to spend time at the local watering hole with friends. On Sunday we spent more time with family, had dinner with family and checked out Kevin’s new building. Monday was GMAT studying for me while Chris went to the golf course and driving back to Columbus so we would have a shorter drive back to Fayetteville on Tuesday. Driving back to Fayetteville included a couple of stops on Tuesday, one in Athens, OH and then twice to track down the elusive Mt. Dew Slurpee that Chris was craving from Seven Eleven.

Look, the big dog is scared of the little dog!
Chris and I at Sonny Jacks
WSU Group Photo
Zak and Chris at the OSU game

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