Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Dining Room Table

We are slowly accumulating furniture for our house and the dining room table has been one of the pieces we are most excited about.  After we moved in, C's Mom mentioned that they had a dining room table in their barn loft that had been at his Grandma's house.  Family history says the table was purchased by C's great-grandparents.  We checked it out and decided that it would make a great addition to our home and we loved that it had so much family history.  It had sat in the sun-room at Grandma's house and then in the barn loft for about 5 years so the first order of business was to get the table stripped and refinished.  When we dropped off the table, we were told that it's made of mahogany and that it was around 100 years old.  There was some damage to the mechanism (the table can open to hold 4 leaves) and some missing veneer on the base.  I chose an Antique Cherry stain because it was closest to the original color.  The re-finishers took such care to bring the table back to it's original state and we are so grateful.  We just got it back this weekend and it looks AMAZING!

Here are a few photos of the table with 2 leaves in:

Love the base of the table!  I
t has wheels and splits to accommodate extra leaves.

Now, we just need to find some chairs and have our first dinner party!


Alicia said...

The table looks great! I can't wait to visit again and see all the updates to your house!

Sonya Kimmet said...

Thanks Alicia! When you are home for the holiday's, stop in to check everything out! Hopefully, we will have made some more progress on the nursery by then :)

Sandy said...

OMG!! That table looks awesome!! I can remember eating at that table when i was a little girl (not quite a 100 years ago,but almost).. I wish my mom wouldn't have gotten rid of the buffet and chairs that went with it. I am SO glad you guys have it. It is priceless to keep things like that in the family.

Sonya Kimmet said...

We are so happy to have the table in our home as well...would have loved to see the chairs and buffet!