Monday, November 12, 2012

Meal Planning-On the Go

Here we are at the start of another busy week!  We had a busy weekend at home with cleaning, lawn work and baby shower registering!  We also enjoyed celebrating our 6th anniversary with dinner out on Saturday at Luxe.  It was restaurant week, so we took advantage of the special menu and tried the squash soup (delicious), pork tenderloin and beignents for a set price.  We also ordered the stuffed peppers (too spicy for me) and a chicken/pasta dish.  The restaurant was pretty tiny so we ended up eating at the bar instead of waiting a hour for a table.

So what's on our menu for this week?  Well Chris is doing some late night training for a few nights and we will be gone next weekend so I'm focusing on cleaning out the fridge:

Sunday-Homemade Pizza-Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Kale/Pesto Pizza
Monday-Oven roasted fish and Brussels sprouts
Tuesday-Leftover chicken and pasta from dinner this weekend, I brought home 1/2 of my entree since we had three courses (Chris is training).
Wednesday-Broccoli Soup with fresh bread
Thursday-Ohio City Pasta with sauteed Kale and white beans (Chris is training).  I picked up the pasta and the kale at the farmers market this weekend.
Friday-Left overs

What are you cooking this week?  I also whipped up some baked oatmeal for easy breakfasts.

$3.50 worth of  Kale from the farmers market!

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