Monday, May 7, 2012

It's official!

On Saturday, we had a crazy, busy day because it was my MBA graduation! After almost 4 years of class work, it's hard to believe I'm finally done.  It's going to be strange to be home every night of the week and to not see my Capital classmates, after all, we've spent 1-2 nights together for the past 2 years, worked on countless group projects and have become friends! You can read about the start of my journey, the GMAT, when I was accepted to ECU, Going back to school and when I transferred to Capital.  We celebrated by attending the ceremony and a small family gathering at our house.  So nice to spend the day relaxing with family since they've been with me on this journey since the start!

View from my front row seat!

Some of my classmates
A Capital Tradition, walking thru the campus gate with Heather and Carrie


It's official!

And if you're wondering what I'm going to be doing with my extra free time, I am too :)  Next up is hopefully finishing the house hunt and getting ready to move.  

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