Wednesday, May 9, 2012

House Hunting-An Update

Not only have we been a tad busy with work (Sonya) & school (Chris and Sonya) but house hunting.  As you know, we're moving 2.5 hours NE to Cleveland, OH and the house hunt has been a challenge.  The process hasn't happened like I thought it would, but has been the exact opposite.  We sold our house in Columbus right away but have had some issues finding our next dream home.  We've decided that we're urban folks (as opposed to the suburban kind, nothing wrong with that just not what we want for our next house) and have now been looking for a new place to call home for about 3 months...long enough that it's not fun anymore.  We thought we were close a few weeks ago and put an offer on a home but it was rejected.  Then I saw another one I liked but C wasn't available to see it that day and it was gone in 24 hours.  But (fingers-crossed, both hands, I'm serious) the end is in sight!  We found a house we love and have moved on to the next step, making an offer.  So send up a few prayers for us or positive thoughts out there that this is the right "one" and meant to be ours!    

**an update on the the update**  Our initial offer was rejected but the buyers called back and now want to negotiate so here we go again!

Hopeful homeowners (and tired of making the drive), C & S


Alicia said...

Good luck with this offer and the house hunting! I've been thinking of you guys and hoping something works out soon!!!

Sonya Kimmet said...

Thanks Alicia! Our initial feedback has not been good. We think we're taking the weekend off from all things house.

Anonymous said...

Hi! How is the house hunting? Did you find your dream house?
-J :)

Sonya Kimmet said...

Hi J!

We are back in negotiations for what could be our dream house...if the price is right :) Hoping we have something finalized by the end of the week but we will see!