Thursday, March 8, 2012

Urban or suburban?

Well the house hunt has started… And Chris and I are having a hard time deciding on whether we want to continue to be urban or move to the suburbs. We enjoyed being close to things which is why we've like being in Urban for the past three years but the suburban have some appeal as well, like we can afford a bigger house!

Does anyone have any advice to offer? We would love to hear what you think!


Cari Bear said...

I'm an urban girl! So much easier to access cultural events, typically less driving so there's less driving & carbon footprint and usually an urban environment has more locally-owned businesses in the area, making it easier to support!

Sonya Kimmet said...


Thanks for the input! C is actually working in the 'burb we are considering, which would mean he could ride his bike to work on nice days and reduce his carbon footprint! (Me on the other hand, I drive a lot no matter where we live). One of our issues with the 'burbs is there is very little outside of chain stores/restaurants and we prefer to support local businesses. Decisions, decisions :)