Monday, March 26, 2012

Meal Planning

Our weekend was busy (like spending a Saturday house hunting...and coming up empty) and then on Sunday running 10 miles and spending 6 hours working on school work (have I mentioned how happy I am that there are only 4 FOUR 4 FOUR classes remaining in my MBA?!) so none of my normal weekly preparations happened.  No cleaning, no grocery shopping, no meal here's what I threw together this morning to get us through the week:

(Meatless) Monday-Potato/Leek Soup with Bread (this has been on the meal plan for a few weeks but something else always comes up!  Luckily, I've got the ingredients on hand)
Tuesday-Chorizo and Black Bean Chili (from the freezer)
Wednesday-Grilled Steaks (we buy our beef from the farmer so we have plenty on hand) and a frozen veggie
Thursday-Left overs (we're both in class)
Friday- Traveling to DC to see Alicia and Cait!  I'm so excited!

I'm sure I'll have to make a quick trip to pick up the essentials (eggs, fresh fruit) but we'll be eating out of the freezer and pantry as much as possible.

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