Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring break

This past week was my spring break from classes and boy did it go fast! I kicked off break with a glass of wine with my classmates after class last Thursday. We had a full weekend of cleaning and organizing the house because we now have it listed! It looks great but I took down most of our photos so it looks like people live there, not us :). We were able to squeeze in a few fun things like dinner with my family at Barrel 44 (a new whiskey bar) for my brothers birthday and casino night.

I've been MIA because on Monday night I was hit with a stomach virus that knocked me flat for 24 thankful for C as he did a great job taking care of me while I was on the mend and my puppies for keeping me company. Due to my illness, there was no meal planning or cooking (my meals consisted of gatorade, animal crackers or dry waffles for a couple of days).

Today, we've got a showing and an open house tomorrow for our house (fingers crossed that someone will love it like we do).

We're on our way to house hunt as's a house-filled weekend.

C, drinking coffee and driving us to Cleveland this morning, wish us luck!

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