Sunday, March 18, 2012

Meal Planning

After our fun weekend, we've got a fridge full of left-overs so our meal plan for this week is light (C loves left-overs and I don't like wasting food).

Sunday-we enjoyed bacon wrapped shrimp, chicken, steak, broccoli and asparagus all on the grill to celebrate Ryan's college graduation.  Add some of my Mom's cheesy potatoes, home-made "Buckeye State" ice cream (for the graduating Buckeye, of course!), home-made lemon yogurt with chocolate sauce and salted caramel chocolate chip bars and it was a delicious meal.  The "Buckeye State" ice cream, lemon yogurt and chocolate sauce all came from my Jeni's cookbook.  (Thankfully, I ran 8 miles this morning so I could eat my yogurt and chocolate sauce without guilt)
Monday-left overs
Tuesday-Lemon Pepper Chicken (we never got around to it last week) and broccoli
Wednesday-Burgers and grilled zucchini, squash and peppers
Thursday-left overs
(Meatless) Friday-Homemade pizzas-Margarita for C and Kale/Pesto for me

We've had a beautiful, warm spring here so lots of grilling on the menu.  What are some of your favorite grill meals?

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