Friday, March 23, 2012

Pizza night

By the time Friday comes around, I'm usually ready for a night at home and one of my favorite plans lately have been making some pizza and hanging out on the couch. I've been making my own bread since New Year's so we usually have some dough in the fridge, which makes it even easier to whip up a pizza in less than the time it takes to get one delivered. Because we're in the Lenten season, I've been making lots of veggie pizzas. Tonight we made a kale pizza, an asparagus pizza and a margarita pizza (for the husband). I used pesto for the sauce to up the green veggie content (and because I had it in the freezer). I always make enough to have left overs because C likes to put eggs on the left overs for breakfast.

 What are some of your quick go to meals???

Kale Pizza
Margarita Pizza-Ready for the oven
Left overs

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