Sunday, February 12, 2012

Asparagus pizza

Last week, I picked up a giant bunch of asparagus (one of our favorite veggies) and couldn't wait to give it a try on Friday night.  I try to only buy vegetables that are in season but I couldn't resist the asparagus!  We were planning on a low-key pizza and movie night so I did a quick google search and came up with this recipe from Smitten Kitchen for Shaved Asparagus pizza.  We made a few changes to the recipe-incorporating whole wheat flour into the pizza crust and omitting the scallions (because we didn't have any).   If you need a pizza crust recipe, we like this one. I REALLY enjoyed the final product and would highly recommend it.  In case you were wondering, shaving aspargus really isn't that hard, just run a veggie peeler from the end to the tip.  As you can see, ours is pretty rustic will all different sized shavings!

Shaved asparagus dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper:

Our finished shaved asparagus pizza:

The next morning, Chris popped a few pieces into the oven and topped with fried of his favorite breakfast combos!

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