Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl fare (and meal planning)

 Chris and I hanging out at home for the Superbowl tonight so I thought I would share our game-watching menu (including this yummy black bean salad with corn and red peppers my friend Christie posted on her blog): 
Buffalo Chicken Dip-recipe from our friend Grant

We've enjoyed the game (the commercials for me), the food and the cuddle time on the couch with Max and Lila!

Here's our menu for the week (it's a busy one):
(Meatless) Monday-Chris won't be home for dinner due to a team meeting so I'm having (above) black bean salad with quinoa.  
Tuesday-Crock pot roast
Wednesday-Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday-Chris has a school function and I'll be going straight from a late meeting to class so probably hummus and veggies en route for me.
Friday-Homemade Pizza

What is your go-to/on-the-quick dinner?

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