Monday, January 30, 2012

Meal Planning

Just a quick update (please bear with me, I'm now in week 4 of my FINAL semester of MBA's taking over my life but thankfully, the end is in sight!).  We had a great weekend and enjoyed some time with C's family and holding our twin nephews...or at least I did!  We are having a small electrical issue here so the men (Dad K, Chris and Tim) spent several hours yesterday trying to figure it out.  Bottom line, we have no electricity in our upstairs bathroom (Yep, so now we have no 100% functional bathrooms!  It's a good thing I'm low-key on weekends, as in ponytail and no makeup).  We can still shower, use the restroom and brush our the light of the one window or in the dark.  Or go downstairs to the in-the-midst-of-being-remodeled bathroom without a mirror or door.  I don't know about you but it's a toss-up :)  Calling an electrician is #1 on the priority list today.

In case you need some ideas, here's what we are having this week:
(Meatless) Monday-Cheese Tortellini with tomato sauce (I let C pick this week)
Tuesday-Crock-pot burritos
Wednesday-Roasted Chicken and potatoes

Yesterday, I whipped up a pan of baked oatmeal to get me through breakfast for the week.  Then all I need to do is heat it up and add some easy.

I'm doing a fair bit of traveling for work this week so not much time to cook!  What's on your menu?


Cari Bear said...

I love oatmeal but never thought of doing a big batch and reheating. How do you reheat it, microwave or stove? And do you have to add extra liquid to keep it from drying? That's such a good idea.

Sonya Kimmet said...


Baked oatmeal is definately more solid/dry than making it fresh but I prefer mine that way. I reheat mine in the microwave because it's super quick and then add 1/2 cup fresh berries and unsweetened coconut, which is delicious! I would think you could add a splash of milk or so before reheating to keep it moist or add more milk before baking?? I'll post the recipe this weekend and you can maybe find a way to tweek it to work for you!

I've also made steel-cut oats on the stovetop in a large batch on Sunday and devided into individual containers for quick reheat...that was a bit more creamy!