Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bathroom Update!

I'm sure you all have been wondering how are little bathroom face lift is going...dying to know, right????  Well, it's been a little more challenging that we initially thought but we are making progress.  Once the wallpaper was removed, we discovered the walls were in pretty terrible shape so Chris spent some time with the speckle and sander to get them to a decent place. 

Ready to paint (the bathroom is so tiny, I could ALMOST paint the entire thing by standing on the toilet):

  Then I painted two coats of Nantucket Breeze on the walls, which is a pale, pale green/yellow color.  I used Benjamin Moore paint, the Aurora line...I love that stuff!  I tried taking a few photos of our progress but the color doesn't translate well in photos:

After painting, Chris removed some of the trim to make room for the new vanity that we are installing.  The trim didn't come up willingly, leaving us with some wall repair to do:

I've been on a hunt for a mirror to replace the medicine cabinet and think I've found something...progress, slow progress, but progress all the same....And that's where we stand to date!  Hopefully the new vanity will go in tomorrow and then the trim will be re-installed.  Then I will paint the trim and put the room back together....which may take us a few more weeks working around our school schedules.

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