Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meal Planning and Why We Cook

A little late, but here's our meal plan from the previous week...hopefully it inspires some creativity in your menu:

Sunday-Hot wing pizza
Monday-Mexican Quinoa (funny story, after I made this dish I asked C what he thought of it, he said it needed "something" and when I asked what that "something" was, he said CHICKEN...but I thought it was good!)
Tuesday-Lasagna (from the freezer)
Wednesday- Winter soup with fish and shrimp with homemade garlic croutons
Thursday-crock-pot beef Bourguignon (pot roast, pearl onions, mushrooms and wine...simmering all day, served over mashed potatoes...yum)
Friday-out to dinner
Saturday-left overs

As you can imagine, I get many catalogs on cooking (Sur la Table, Williams Sonoma, ect)....which get recycled after a quick glance as my kitchen is already full!  The Williams Sonoma caught my eye today because on the cover it asks, "WHY WE COOK", which made me pause.  I cook because I like having control over what my family puts into our bodies and because I enjoy feeding family and friends.  One of my favorite ways of serving others is through food (making dishes when they are sick, busy, to celebrate).  I enjoy the creative process of cooking and having a beautiful, delicious outcome.  Why do you cook?  Would love to hear your thoughts!


Mrs. Goodbread said...

I cook because to be creative, and I love making restaurant copy cat recipes to save money and not go out to eat! :)

Sonya Kimmet said...

Dana, thanks for reading! I agree :) I have a rule that we can't go out to dinner unless the food is better than I can cook, otherwise it's a waste of money. So we go out about 1x a month which saves some $$$.

Darlene Mack said...

Just remembering all the times my kitchen was trashed because the Mack kids were helping me "cook". One particular fond memory is Jason running his implements in the flour as we made cookies. Or the 4-H projects, from shopping (expensive) to the final results a the end-the food and lots of dishes:) I cook because I have too and it is a wonderful way to connect with people from talking about recipes, sharing healthy tidbits and learning from one and then sharing the food. I really still love to cook when the kids are home and we cook together.

Sonya Kimmet said...

Mom....remember some of those 4-H dishes that didn't turn out so well (tofu)????

Christie Nix said...

I cook because I like to know what is actually in my food. After years of fast food drive thru restaurants, it just feels better :)

Sonya, you're so inspiring with your well thought out meal plans! With all of the things you have going on in life, you still manage to make the good stuff!

Sonya Kimmet said...

Christie, I agree, it's so good to know what we are putting in our bodies! You are an inspiration as well...we've started to incorporate meatless in our weekly menu :) Miss you friend!

Anonymous said...

Sonya-how could I forget the tofu! It makes me laugh! I guess that is another reason to cook: to create memories and share experiences.