Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cinnamon rolls

I made these amazing cinnamon rolls last week or some of my clients who were attending a training. They are delicious, I think the best that I've ever made!  Thanks to Tanna for recommending Artisan Bread in Five...I've been able to find a few of their recipes online, including this  Brioche Dough.  Then I simply rolled out the dough, spread it with cinnamon and brown sugar, rolled it up  and sliced it.  I cut the recipe in half and had 12 good-sized cinnamon rolls.  This one is a must-try!

I asked C what he thought of this recipe and he said "you can make these anytime" .  Clearly, it's a winner!


Jamie Walker said...

Those look soo good. I love anything cinnamon.

Sonya Kimmet said...

Jamie, thanks for reading! I love cinnamon too and these are a good fix for my cinnamon cravings :)