Thursday, May 17, 2012

Almost (but not really) Homeless

At this rate, in 2 weeks C and I will be homeless.  Well, I'm being a little bit dramatic, we will be no longer be home owners and don't something lined up yet.  I am well aware that this is very, very different than actually being homeless and that we are very, very blessed. We are signing the paperwork to sell our Columbus house at the end of May and the movers are coming to pack us up and move our things into storage.  Since we are still in negotiations for our next house but won't be able to close before we have to be out of here, we will be moving back with our parents for (hopefully just) a few weeks.  Yes, you read correctly, in negotiations with the people from last week who rejected our offer!  They came back to us this week and asked to restart negotiations.  It's a good thing my job is flexible and our parents are kind enough to take us in while we work things out!

So our next task is to work on what to put in storage and what we'll need for a month.  As my Mom said, think of it like packing for a month long vacation!  We are no strangers to packing and moving (thanks to the US Army!)  My plan for this weekend is to work on my must-have list and find a way to identify those items for the movers so they don't accidentally get packed.  

What are your must have's?  What can't you go a month without? (for me its workout stuff, computer/ipad, my home office, cook books, my husband, our dogs and my pillow)


Anonymous said...

Must have toothbrush, comb, and coffee maker.

Darlene said...

Glad you are taking Chris and the dogs and not putting them in storage! Yes, bring the cookbooks I cannot wait to learn from you.

Sonya Kimmet said...

I agree on the toothbrush for sure! Thankfully for C, both of our "guest houses" will provide coffee makers.

Mom, you should probably stock up on freezer food for Andrew or he may not survive our two weeks there if I'm cooking :)