Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our big (little) news!

Now that we've told most of our friends and family, its time to share our big (little) news with the rest of the world!  We are expecting our first baby in early February and are feeling so blessed and excited.  So that means our little one is currently 12 weeks along and the size of a peach.

We had so much fun sharing the news with our families and here are a few photos of Chris and I with our adorable twin nephews who helped us break the news to C's family.  The little shirts I made are hard to read but they say "Big Cousin Feb. '12".  With the help of their mommy, we secretly got them dressed in the shirts and walked around with them until everyone noticed....the reactions were priceless!

Shirt Close Up!
As you can imagine, it was hard keeping this news to ourselves and REALLY difficult during the week we spent living with my parents in between houses (the baby was 5 weeks then, so we weren't ready to tell yet).  Especially since weeks 5-11 brought typical first trimester symptoms: nausea, tiredness, and I wasn't working out much...a red flag to anyone who knows me :)

I know that not everyone want's to read about the in's and out's of pregnancy but I do plan to share our experience here (instead of posting a lot on Facebook) so those who are interested can hear how things are going.

I hope this explains the lack of blogging/baking/working out and I hope we are rounding the corner to feeling better and having more energy!  I've went on a few 3 mile walk/runs and made it back to yoga yesterday....I'm hoping to continue both through the pregnancy.  We've selected a hospital and a great midwife for the pregnancy and delivery (this could be a whole other post).

We are living up to the title of our blog "Adventures with Chris and Sonya" excited to see what is in store!


Anonymous said...

So tickled to having another little
Kimmet to join our family. Remember
Chris as our first little grandchild, way to go. Will be praying all goes well. grandpa and grandma K.

Megan said...

Your mom told me at the fair, how exciting! I got my energy back as soon as I got into the 2nd trimester it seemed, like I just turned a corner. Congrats!

Sonya Kimmet said...

Thank you both! We are very excited! Megan, hoping to have some energy soon :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the way you told your family! Congrats to you both! I can't wait to see all the fun things you make for this lucky little one :)