Monday, July 9, 2012


Now that we, and our things, have been here a week I wanted to discuss the differences between our last home and this one.  I'm sure there are many that we haven't discovered yet.

1. No fenced in yard- This is a bummer for Max and Lila (and Chris and I) because they can't run free in the back yard and explore.  We've got a line set up for them so they do have plenty of space but its not the same.
2. No Central Air- Last week it was 93 degrees IN THE HOUSE.  Thankfully, the heat has subsided but the window air conditioners just weren't able to keep up.
3. More space- Our last space was pretty small (1400 sq. ft).  We're enjoying having more space.
4. Nicer kitchen and more open to the rest of the house.  I'm excited about the double ovens and that the kitchen is more open.  We love to entertain at home so this should be a great party space.
5. Partially finished basement-Chris finally has his own space and can hang his beer lights.
6. Attached car garage-Not too big of a deal now but come winter and the feet of snow Cleveland gets, this will be so nice.

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