Monday, January 28, 2013

Trying some new recipes!

Our living room, mid-installation
C has been busy this weekend installing Ethernet cables throughout our basement and first floor...not an easy task as the house was built in 1940's and the walls are SOLID.  I've been trying to stay out of his way and luckily, his projects have kept him out of the kitchen so I've been trying some new recipes and thought I would share (and okay, this might be a little bit of nesting too): 

I found a recipe to make C some "Primal Fudge" from Practical Paleo and these babies are yummy!  I added a sprinkle of sea salt to each one before they set up.    

Next, I made some No Bake Energy Bites from Gimme Some Oven.  I found this recipe on Pinterest around the holidays and we've had them in our fridge ever since as they are a great snack or I'll grab 2 for breakfast with a fruit smoothie on days I'm on the run.    

I also tried these Breakfast Cookies from Nutrition Nut on the Run except with mixed dried fruit (used what I had in the pantry-cherries, cranberries and blueberries).  Next time I'll add a little more maple syrup as mine weren't very sweet...maybe the banana I used wasn't ripe enough?

For dinner, I decided to spice up our Brussels Sprouts with this Honey-Orange Vinaigrette from Peas and Thank You.  We eat Brussels Sprouts regularly and we both loved this combo!  

Have you tried anything new lately?  


Anonymous said...

I made that "Primal Fudge" a few days ago and it was pretty good! Sure do feel a whole lot less guilty!!!

Sonya Kimmet said...

I know, it was sooo good! Chris has requested that it be a staple in the house and since they are all ingredients we keep on hand, shouldn't be a problem. So nice to have a "healthy", indulgent treat available.