Monday, January 21, 2013

Meal Planning-Paleo Style

Chris took charge of the menu this week and he was inspired by a cookbook he received for Christmas. "Practical Paleo".  We've both been reading through the very informative book (it's a mix of a book on nutrition and cookbook) and are ready to give some of the recipes a try!

Monday-Hospital Tour tonight so we'll be grabbing leftovers or take out
Tuesday-Chicken Legs with Brussels sprouts and fennel
Wednesday-Cumin Spiced Tenderloin with root veggies
Thursday-Stuffed Peppers with salad
Friday-Bacon wrapped chicken thighs and sauteed red cabbage

I'm also going to give Paleo bread a whirl this week...let's hope it turns out well!

What are you having this week?  Trying anything new?


Brittany said...

You'll definitely have to post updates on how these turn out! I'm slowly getting through the cookbook now (reading that is) because school reading is taking up some of my time ;) lol Have a great week!

Sonya Kimmet said...

School will take over your life :). C made the chicken wrapped bacon last night but I was at a meeting and didn't try it. He thought it was good though!