Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Rocking Chair-a work in progress!

Over the weekend, I started the rocking chair project (I found it on the curb back in November and we picked it up to refinish it for the living room).  I know, at 38 weeks along, I probably should have tackled this project sooner :)

Before photos, holding stuff in the garage:

Work in progress!  I've removed all of the ugly, rotting fabric (and the hundreds of staples holding it into place using a screw driver and some needle-nose pliers and wearing gloves):

 I picked out (the tan and blue handwriting) fabric (the paisley is a pillow case from our living room-my reference fabric) for the seat and cushion and paint color (using the same as in our entryway, the bottom color):

Next steps:
  1. Sanding and painting the frame
  2. Recovering the fabric bottom  
  3. Making a cushion for the bottom (or find one online to purchase) and pillow for the back

 I've never done a project like this before so I'm winging it...any advice?  I've done some research but it's truly going to be a learn-as-I-go-situation here :)

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