Monday, December 3, 2012

Paint Party!

Over the weekend, we had a little painting party to spruce up our white (and boring) foyer and hallway.    After multiple trips to Ace Hardware (I've been there 4 times in the past 2 weeks), we were ready to go!  My Mom came up to handle all the ladder climbing and high painting.  We used Benjamin Moore's Aura line of paint in Metropolitan and Montpelier.  I love this paint, low VOC's (safe to use while pregnant) and the coverage is great!  We only did one coat of the lighter (top) color but we did two coats of the darker (bottom) color to ensure coverage.  The bottom was a glossy paint underneath (and possibly wallpaper under that...) so two coats took car of any missed spots!

Foyer-before paint
Bottom of stairs-before paint

Top half complete!
Bottom half complete!
Chris-working on the ceiling
We started with the walls but then we realized the ceilings really needed a coat of paint as well so Mom and Chris took care of that on Sunday morning.  All that is left is the trim and the upstairs hall and then we can check this project off the list!

One thing that surprised me was how much the shell light fixture goes with the new paint.  I hated it before but now that we've got some color on the walls, I like it a lot more and wouldn't be opposed to it staying for a while.

Next, I would like to rip the carpet off the stairs and see what we have there but Chris likes it so we are at a standstill.  We did melt a hole in the carpet with our painting spotlight so we will have to address it sooner or later.

What fix-up projects are going on in your home?


sandy said...

I have had a deep red paint for my foyer for nearly a year and have yet to get it on the wall. It is only 2 short walls,so it wouldn't take me but a few minutes. I just never think to ask someone to move the dry sink away from the wall, with my back issues,I don't dare try to move it. I really like your colors, I need to get up to visit and see your house. See you soon.

Sonya Kimmet said...

Sandy, we would love to have you come visit! I'm at the very least, we will see you sometime in Feb. after our little one arrives :). Remind me when we are home next and Chris can move the sink for you. I'm happy to come help you paint on a weekend after the baby is born, it goes so much faster with someone to talk with! I'm sure Grandpa and Grandma will be happy to babysit :)