Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week 30-Childbirth Class

Last night, C and I attending the first of our natural birth class series offered by our hospital.  That's right, the goal is to do this thing with no drugs :).  Good thing I've got a great birthing coach (Chris) to help me through!  We practiced breathing techniques and labor positioning (using the birthing ball, sitting and standing).  It was kind of fun and we really liked our instructor, who is a L&D nurse who's had 4 un-medicated births, and meeting other couples with due dates close to ours.

Chris was practicing one of his roles this morning "Can I get you some ice chips?  How about some water?"  Our instructor really stressed the importance of hydration during labor.  We joked that he should just wear a Camelbak hydration pack like in his Army field training and deployment days.      

(I'm going to throw a disclaimer:  Every birthing experience is different, our goal is to have a natural, un-medicated birthing experience.  We are aware that it's not totally in our control and that things may change.)

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