Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sonya's List of Must-Have Gear for Running

As promised, here's my must-have gear for running a race!

1. Good sports bra.  I'm not brand specific but I do like mine to be made of moisture (aka sweat) wicking fabric.  
2. Running socks-yes, running socks make a difference!  Once you try them you will never go back, I promise.  I have mix of Thorlo, Wigwam and Balga.  They have extra cushioning in the toes/heels and compression around the mid-foot.  Good stuff!
3. Running shoes.  I highly, highly, highly recommend getting fitted for running shoes at a reputable store.  They will watch the way you walk/run and recommend shoes for you.  Are you an over or under pronator?  They will be able to tell you!  Then you try a few pairs on and go for a quick test run (inside or out, depending on the store) to make sure they will work.
4. Running capris.  No shorts here, I like a little more coverage when I run.  I do like compression capris which fit snugly and give support to my legs/knees.  And pockets are nice for keys, energy, etc.
5. Cliff Blocks.  I'm not a huge fan of running goo but these I love.  Most races give goo so I carry my own blocks (hence the pockets in the capris)
6. iPod.  Music is a great motivator.  I use the Nike + system to track my distance and pacing through the iPod.  I like the iPod nano because it's small and light.  C runs with his iPhone but I feel unbalanced and weighed down with it.
7. Watch/Heart Rate Monitor.  Know your zone and where you need to be.  Tracking heart rate is a great way to listen to your body.
6. Sunglasses.  I borrowed C's Oakley's for race day.
9. Layers.  I wasn't sure what race day would bring so I picked out a few layers ahead of time.  I ended up wearing the black Dry-Fit tshirt (10) and a zip up long sleeved jacket before the race and handed my jacket to C right before the start so I didn't have to tie it around my waist once I was warmed up.

Quick note about race day clothes:  NEVER wear anything new!  Always take your gear out for a few test runs to make sure that there aren't any performance or comfort issues.  I have a friend who wore new shorts for a marathon and now has a permanent scar from the tag rubbing her back.

And of course, not numbered, but my race bib ready to be pinned to my shirt.

What are some of your must-haves?

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Christie Nix said...

Thorlo socks are a MUST! The socks along with running shoes that are fit fo your style of running as well as shape of your foot make running SO much better! Great list Sonya! Thanks for the tips!

I like how you once told me that when you run you think of all the people/things you're thankful for! This has been the greatest running advice for me....helps me push through when I want to stop :)