Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cbus 10 Miler

On Sunday, I completed the Cbus 10miler for the second year.  Chris, Brittany and I ran this race last year and it was tough!  The race course was flip-flopped this year so there wasn't a two mile incline at the finish but there still was a mile incline that I hated :)  It's a hilly course that is meant to be a training run for the upcoming Capital City Half Marathon.  My goal this year was to beat last year's time (1:38:40 or 9:50 per mile) which wasn't much of a challenge since I had a cold last year, and I'm happy to say I did!  My time this year was 1:27:35 (8:46 per mile) which is a PR (personal record)!

  Over all, it's a nice, small race with both street and (paved) trail running.  I wouldn't call it easy because there are several inclines, some steep and some long and slow, but the people are friendly and the race well organized.  I think strength training (yoga and BodyPump) helped me improve and the guy that paced me for the last three miles :)  I don't know who he was but he would not let be get below a 9 minute mile :)  Wish I could say thank you to whoever he is!  Here's a few photos of the day: 

All my gear, ready to go (and my bags packed for a work trip later that day).  Gear post here!
Almost to the finish!
After the race

My race supporter and sometimes running partner
My race reward (not really, I just needed new shoes and they were on sale after the race)
Now that I'm a few days past the race, I'm wondering what's next?????  Maybe another sprint triathlon?  


Alicia said...

I love how bright your shoes are in the photo of you running the race, great job on your PR! I also love the color of your new shoes

Sonya Kimmet said...

Thanks Alicia! We love bright shoes...they are essential for my 5am runs so I'm visible in the dark :)

Kelly Williams said...

Congrats on the race and PR!! Way to go!!

Sonya Kimmet said...

Thanks Kelly! Do you have any races coming up?