Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meal Planning

We got back from our DC trip around 8:30pm on Sunday night...not much time for meal planning or grocery shopping!  It's a short (but fun) week with the my (29th) birthday and Easter holiday coming up...meaning we're gone back-to-back weekends, not much house stuff getting done (I'm starting to sense a theme here...like last week)!

(Meatless) Monday- Vegan black bean tacos from Self Magazine (and I mean vegan for me as C added sour cream and cheese to his).  I thought they were tasty and would eat them again, not sure about C.  He liked the salsa very much.
Tuesday- Crockpot chicken (this was yummy, almost like the rotisserie chickens from the grocery store but I controlled the ingredients), sauteed green beans with almonds
Wednesday- Steak and broccoli on the grill

That's it!  Only planning 3 meals this week because we have plenty left over chicken and black bean mixture (I'm thinking we'll be having quesadilla's with the left overs) and Thursday is class night for me so no time to cook.

And 3 MBA classes left, yay :)


Christie NIx said...

The Vegan tacos sound pretty good! Thanks for sharing!

Sonya Kimmet said...

Christie, the tocos reminded me of you and Patton's fake meat story :)