Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nursery-Final Product

I meant to post this before the baby came but things happen (like going into labor a week early).  Luckily, we finished the nursery the previous weekend but it took me a while to get photos of our completed work.  We attempted to keep things very neutral because we didn't know that Henry was a "he" until he arrived!

I posted a sneak peek a few weeks ago with some of the finish details, you can check it out here.

I attempted to stick on a budget with the project and receiving the crib as a gift certainly helped.  We also refinished a dresser from my childhood (repainted and new hardware), bought our glider on Craigslist, used paint we had from the previous house, re-purposed curtains from the living room, bought the rug at a furniture outlet and the bookshelf was a floor model so we got 20% off.  Still, preparing for baby is not cheap :).  We were so blessed to have a few baby showers to get us set up.

Henry is sleeping in a Pack N Play bassinet in our room right for the foreseeable future but we've got his crib ready to go:
View of the crib and rug
We use this changing station at night.  Love having the diapers stacked on the wall for easy access.  During the day when we are downstairs, we use our other Pack N Play for changing and naps.  Yes, we have two and it is so nice with a two story house-I definitely recommend!

Between the crib and the closet, we have the glider and bookshelf-which doubles as a stand for the lamp and gives me a place to put things during nursing sessions.

Close up!  I love the embroidered lampshade but it think this lamp may be a bit too bright for night time feedings.  I'm considering getting a smaller lamp or nightlight as an alternative.

That's it so far!  Now that Henry is here, I would like to make some artwork for above his crib.  Something a bit more "boy" :).

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