Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Henry-3 weeks

Henry celebrated being 3 weeks old with a trip to the pediatrician in the morning and meeting some of his great grandparents and great aunt and uncle (Sandy and Jeff) in the afternoon-what a big day!

Henry has had lots of other visitors this week- Aunt Alicia, Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Brittany and Dustin, Aunt Danielle, Oma, great aunt Donna abs cousin Deon! We've enjoyed all the family time.

Henry now weighs 6lbs 12 oz (31st percentile). He's 20.5 inches long (5th percentile). So he's getting (a bit) bigger! Our next visit is in 5 weeks for the 2 month check up (and the dreaded vaccinations).

Henry is still eating every 3 or so hours and spends some time in the mornings and the afternoons on his play mat and using his high contrast art cards. He also enjoys time in his swing. We've started something new this week-tummy time!

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