Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Packing for the hospital

Kind of after-the-fact but here's what I packed for the hospital and what we actually used. I reached out to friends on Facebook about what to pack, so helpful, and this was our final list:

-Toiletries-a must! Over our stay, I took 4 showers at the hospital (one after we checked in, one after birth and then one each remaining day we were there). So nice to have my own soap/shampoos.
-Makeup/skin care
-Flip flops for shower
-Toothbrush (for me and C) and toothpaste
-Slippers-wore these a lot while we were there
-Front button PJs-took 2 pairs and didn't wear either. The hospital gown was easiest for breast feeding during our stay.
-Long sleeved wrap top for when guests visit. Nice to have when my brothers came to see Henry. A robe would have worked also.
-My own pillow-so, so nice to have! Used during labor and at night. I wish we would have brought an extra cover.
-Water bottle for dad and snacks for dad (and mom-I loved the peanut butter pretzels we packed).
-iPad, iPhone, camera and chargers
-My work bag and computer (used before labor when we had time to kill)
-Pjs and slippers for dad (it was snowy so C would leave his shoes inside the door and wear slippers instead so the floor would stay dry)
-Breast feeding pillow
-Going home outfit for mom-yoga pants, nursing tank and button down top.
-Baby bag loaded with blankets, going home outfit, hat
-Car seat with cover (forgot the neck support piece- would have been nice )

We didn't pack gum or mints but wish we would have. I also didn't pack a hair dryer but I could see what it would be nice.

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