Saturday, October 15, 2011

A look back...

Tomorrow, Chris and I are both participating in the 32nd Anniversary Nationwide Insurance Columbus Marathon and 1/2 Marathon!  He's doing the full (!!!) and I'm doing the 1/2.  You can read about Chris' decision to run the full marathon here.  The last time I ran this race was in 2009 and my time was 2 Hours, 3 minutes and 10 seconds.  Not sure if I'll beat that time but I know that I'll enjoy the race :)  Since we are now really close to the race, I thought I would share some photos of other races we've completed, in no particular order:

Brittany and Sonya, Sprint Tri 2010

Kelly and Sonya, Columbus Marathon 2007

Sonya, Brittany and Chris, CBus 10 Miler April 2011

My friend Kelly, Virginia Beach 1/2M (we ran it together in 2008)
Chris and I cheering Kelly on :)
Sonya, 1/2 Marathon 2007 while training for the full M
Erica, Lea and Sonya, Myrtle Beach 1/2M (Erica did the full)

I've really enjoyed all of these races (well Virgina Beach can be really a HOT race but good friends make up for it) and the memories I've made with friends and family :)  We've made several of these races mini-vacations with friends which as been so fun!

And who could forget the Ruckus Run that ended with a broken hand?!?! July 2011
I often get the question "Why do I run" and honestly, I used to hate running.  But once I started running consistently after college and got into a routine, I loved it.  I usually run early in the mornings (5 or 6am) and love the quiet peaceful time to myself before the world wakes up.  I use my running time as time to pray, mediate, be grateful for all the blessings in my life, plan my day, work through problems, ect.  All in all, for me, it's great thinking time!  After the race is done, I'm sure I'll move to some different activities for a while (yoga and spinning) but I know that eventually I'll come back to running.

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