Saturday, October 22, 2011

Race Recap-Columbus Marathon and 1/2 Marathon

  Last Sunday, Chris and I both participated in a local event, the Nationwide Columbus Marathon and 1/2 Marathon!  I'm asked Chris to give his perspective on running the full but wanted to just post a quick update.  You can read about his decision to run this race here, which I think he was regretting when I caught up with him at mile 20. 

I thought the weather was perfect for the race, cool (about 50 degrees) and cloudy.  We started in the middle of the pack due to our estimated times and we ran together for the first 1/2 mile or so  (I knew ahead of time that Chris didn't want to stick with me until the finish line for the half, something about me messing up his pacing...) and then we each got into our own groove.  I've done this race a couple of other years and the biggest notice for me is how much its grown, I've never seen the course so full of participants.  I think it's great that the community is embracing the event and getting fit but from a selfish perspective, I liked it better with fewer runners.  The course was so full around mile 3 that I almost stepped on a dead squirrel that I couldn't see due to the runners in front of me...that would have been so gross.

Sonya's Time- 1/2 Marathon with 2:05:49 for an overall pace of 9:36 per mile.

Chris' Time- Marathon with 4:48:57 for an overall pace of 11:02 per mile.

Chris and I, after the race
Our fan club, Mom and Dad K.
BIG thanks to Mom and Dad K. for all of their support (driving us around, cheering for us and the kind words)

Recovery time with the puppies

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