Saturday, October 29, 2011

Glass Jars-My latest obsession

Over the past few months, I've been checking out every TJ Maxx and Home Goods  store I see to search for these glass jars.  I love the way they look and I'm not crazy about keeping food in plastic containers.  My "set" certainly is not all matchy-matchy but I love them anyways.  I use them for my baking staples (flours, sugar, chocolate chips), in my pantry and in my fridge...they are so versatile!  I started with one or two and, as you can see, my collection has grown!  What are your kitchen must-haves?

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J. Grant Repshire said...

Nice, I actually have been saving the useful little jars that jam and mustard come in over here to use to store stuff in rather than "Tupperware" type containers. Seems wasteful to throw them away, though they do recycle glass here. Also, Hobby Lobby always has different sorts of jars, if you are ever there. (Yeah, I miss Hobby Lobby here).