Monday, October 19, 2009

And another one bites the dust....

I mean another race, not ME biting the dust! Sunday morning Danielle, Brittany, Angie and I competed and finished in the 30th Anniversary Nationwide Columbus 1/2 Marathon! It was a brisk 34 degrees when we arrived at the starting line but we were dressed in pants, long sleeves, gloves and hats! Our results are as follows:

Danielle 2 Hours 51 Minutes 57 Seconds
Brittany 2 Hours 8 Minutes 38 Seconds
Sonya 2 Hours 3 Minutes 10 Seconds
Angie 1 hour 52 Minutes 56 Seconds

I'm so proud of everyone for the awesome times and the determination to train and complete the event! I was going for under two hours but I'm happy with my time, it's my best race pace yet (9:25 per mile). When I ran my marathon in 2007 my place was 9:54 per mile so I've improved it a bit. I have a little bit of a cold which slowed me down a bit. We were lucky to have lots of wonderful supporters to cheer us on (Mom, Dad, Ryan, Dad K, Tim, Jordan). Thanks to them as well!

Now, what am I going to do with all of my free time?!?!?!


Steve and Sharon said...

Great race Sonya. We are very proud of all of our daughters accomplishment! Sounds like its time for a little R&R!

Love, Dad#2

Tanna said...

Congrats! You girls impress me. One day I might be inspired enough to run a race myself. Let's hope, anyway!