Monday, June 24, 2013

Meal planning

Chris, H and I spent a few days out of town visiting family (family reunion for me and H and moving family for C).  We got back late Saturday night so we could get ready for the next week-Monday always comes around so fast!  Mac and Lila also had an obedience lesson or shall I say Chris and I had a lesson in being better pack leaders.

Is it hot where you are?  We are supposed to see 90 every day this week!  I doubt we will be turning on the stove or oven.  I'm certainly going to miss having central air as we only have window air conditioners. They do the job but some rooms are hotter, like my office, than others.

Sunday-Greek festival!  We picked up food from the drive-thru after running errands.
Monday-spinach salad with chicken, goat cheese, strawberries and a strawberry vinaigrette
Tuesday-C is on his own
Wednesday-chicken tacos with guac
Thursday-grilled pork chops


Alicia said...

It's going to be high 80s/low 90s here all week too so lots of cool foods on my menu too! I actually think I stole this idea from you but I've been getting a rotisserie chicken once in awhile and using that meat in lots of things. It's great for salads! Have a good week, stay cool.

Sonya Kimmet said...

I hear you Alicia! Hot, Hot, Hot! We do the rotisserie chicken a lot (in fact, I made one Sunday). I agree, it's great for quick meals!