Monday, June 3, 2013

First race after baby

A few weeks ago, Chris and I ran our first race as parents!  The training went decently...until I went back to work and then I was only running 1 day a week and going to body pump 1 day a week.  Certainly not ideal race prep but work with what you have :).  

I started running 6 weeks after Henry was born (after being cleared by my midwife).  The first few weeks were a little rough and very slow.  I could certainly still feel the looseness in my hips, lost my cardiovascular endurance and I was achy after running but things steadily improved!  Another challenge I faced were "the girls"-I have to invest in larger and more supportive sports bras and had to pump directly before the race.

Most of C's family ran the race too, which made it really fun!  I ended up the same pace as my mom and we ran together for most of the race and finishing just over an hour with a 10:30/mile pace....not my best but certainly not bad.  

Chris originally signed up for the 1/2 marathon but dropped down to the 10k because of some hip issues and pack if training.  Danielle wrote a great race recap here: (  

I love that health, wellness and fitness are family activities!  Can't wait until H is old enough to ride with us in the jogging stroller-only a few more months!

Race day:

Pre-training race with Henry:


Megan said...

I love how you made this such a family affair. I've been told many a times that slow and steady is the way to get back after having a baby. Yes a good sports bra is a must!

Sonya Kimmet said...

You WILL get there :). I find that setting goals (like a race) really is helpful in keeping me on track. I just bought a yoga groupon so that will be my next challenge. I ended up spending a good amount of money on the larger (DD) sports bra but it was soo worth it.