Friday, June 14, 2013

Baby blanket-girl

Just a quick post this week as its Friday night before 8pm and I'm already in bed due to combo of early mornings for work and getting up 5+ times the past few nights with H.  I'm physically and mentally exhausted.  So so happy we've got nothing planned this weekend other than the regular gym/grocery shopping/cooking/cleaning schedule.  I'm sure we'll do a few special things for Father's Day but I know Chris is just as tired as I am (he had a few late nights due to work functions).  I wanted to share my latest creation/baby gift for a soon-to-arrive Florida baby!  No batting and a nice soft flannel backing and silky binding.  I quilted along the horizontal stripes to keep it together.  Love making gifts for our friends!


Danielle said...

Very cute! Nice that you got to make something for a girl :) hang in there! Hopefully Henry will get this sleeping thing figured out soon! I feel for you, it's hard when the little ones don't want to sleep!

Sonya Kimmet said...

Thanks! The sleeping comes and goes-some days it's great and others leave something to be desired (like more sleep!). I know he will work it out soon.