Monday, March 11, 2013

Meal Planning

We had our first weekend out of town with Henry, back to our hometown to visit family.  It was a success!  Henry did well in the car (thanks to a little planning, he slept most of both hour and a half drives).  He got LOTS of cuddle time with family and was pretty much held non-stop :).  We took his Pack N Play home for sleeping and he was up at his usual times-midnight, 3am, 5am and 7am.  No worries about the time change affecting his schedule since he doesn't have a set one yet :).  I'm planning on starting to regulate his schedule in the next few weeks so when I go back to work at the end of April we have a routine.    

Because we were out of town over the weekend, I hit up the grocery store for a few staples today with Henry.  Thankfully, this trip was a success as well.  Our local store is very customer focused and they truly made shopping with an infant easy and they still bag your groceries and put them in the car!  Now onto meal planning:

Monday-Pork chops with butternut squash and qunioa stuffing (stuffing came from the freezer)
Tuesday-something from the freezer
Wednesday-Crock pot beef burritos with spinnach wraps
Thursday-Baked chicken and sauteed green beans
Friday-Creamy tomato sauce with shrimp and cauliflower

What are you having this week?

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Alicia said...

I haven't meal planned much this week, kind of just going with leftovers mostly, but did throw this in the crock-pot this morning Brittany posted the recipe so I stole the idea and hoping to come home to something super yummy!