Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Favorite things-the first month

As a first time mom, I wasn't exactly sure what we would need when our baby arrived. Luckily, most of our friends and family have children already so I've been able to ask what folks love and hate and borrow some things! There are certainly a few things that have made the first month easier for both Henry and I.

Aden + Anais square swaddling blankets-they are square and make swaddling easier (A+A make awesome burp cloths too).
Swaddling sacks-we have both Miracle Blanket and SwaddleMe.  Both have been effective for us.
Pacifiers-Henry likes to suck a lot!
Pack N Play with bassinet-one upstairs and one downstairs (so nice to have one on each floor!). The downstairs one is for naps and changing and the upstairs one is in our room for night time sleep in our room until we transfer to the crib.
Video baby monitors-so nice with a two story house!
Baby swing

Sleep-it's fleeting and comes in 2-3 hour chunks but so wonderful!
iPhone/iPad-something to occupy me during all the feedings
Happiest Baby on the Block-advice on how to calm a fussy baby
Breast pump/bags/nursing pads, etc -I've got a whole bunch to say about this, will be writing a post about breast feeding
Moisturizers (lotion, chap-stick)-for dry skin due to hormone changes after baby.
Freezer meals-so so nice to have a few easy dinners to choose from!

Moms, what were your first month must-have items?


Megan said...

We have some great swaddling blankets but use them as just blankets because Reagan hates to be swaddled. A boppy was the best investment we made. She loves to sleep in it, makes nursing and feedings easier. Plus I got it used and only paid $5.

Sonya Kimmet said...

Megan, we have the Boppy too and I use it as well (one upstairs and one downstairs). I found the brest friend pillow easier when I was learning how to breastfeed. Have you seen the Boppy Lounger? I thought that one looked cool too! That's awesome that Reagan didn't need the swaddling!