Friday, March 8, 2013

Henry- week 5

First of all, 5 weeks old-where does time go?!?! Oh yeah, it's spent nursing...a lot. We've been rewarded with growing! H is now up to 8lbs 2oz (weighted at my nursing moms group). He also is officially out of the newborn diapers and into size 1's. The newborn sized clothes will be next, as they are getting short in the sleeves and are exposing his starting-to-be chubby wrists.

Henry is really starting to enjoy his play mat while on his back-tummy time is still not so fun. He really is starting to move those arms and legs and he coos and talks to the other baby, the one in the mirror.

The weather is starting to turn here so we've enjoyed lots of walks in the stroller and in the carrier.

Henry had his first nap in his crib. I'm slowly getting him comfortable with it so he can transition to it full time before info back to work. I left the nursery door cracked so I could peek in on him and Lila had to check on him several times, I couldn't keep her out of the nursery!


Alicia said...

He is just soooooo adorable and definitely growing fast!

supershegan said...

Hard to believe how fast time is flying by! Guess Lila is aware so she's trying to be around Henry as much as she can be :)

Happy for you guys! He's adorable! Keep the pics and updates coming :)