Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris!

Last week, I tried to blog for C's birthday but I was having computer issues...which seem to be resolved so here's my belated birthday post for my husband!

 We were blessed to celebrate C's 29th Birthday last week!  He was lucky enough to celebrate three times: once with our parents, his god mother and his grandparents over the weekend,  twice when we went out to dinner at Sweet Melissa on Tuesday and then we had a special grilled birthday dinner of steaks, asparagus and twice baked potatoes on his day (yep, we even grilled the twice-baked potatoes)!

I thought it would be fun to share some photos of Chris over the years:

Baby Chris with his Mom, Sharon
4 Generations of 1st born sons
Chris and his best friend Zak, Boy Scouts
Eric, Brittany, Alicia, Danielle and Chris-Siblings!
Chris and I, the college days
College Friends
College graduation and commissioning
Skiing in 7 Springs
Chris and Eric at Family Day at Ft. Bragg
Getting his bike after deployment
Marriage Retreat Weekend in NC
Coming home from Afghanistan

Here are a few posts celebrating some of his other birthdays:

25th Birthday
26th Birthday
27th Birthday
28th Birthday

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Steve and Sharon said...

Thanks for the great memories Sonya.
By the way, who is that with you in the college days pic:)